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~~*~*~*~BEANS GIVEAWAY~~*~*~*~

The winner will receive beans, which is a Japan-exclusive item from setsubun (bean throwing festival). You can hold them and press A to throw beans (it’s amazing I promise). Beans are my favorite item in the whole game, and I got an extra one, so I am here to spread the bean-y joy.

1. You gotta be following me! This giveaway is for my followers who are radical and help me out all the time. (Any follower is eligible though I guess, not just the ones who were following me before the giveaway.)
2. Reblog this post once and you will be entered to win beans.
3. Likes don’t count
4. You have to be comfortable giving me your 3DS friend code/letting me come to your town to drop off the beans.
5. Contest ends Friday March 21 at 9:00 PM EST. I’ll put all the entries in a random generator thing to pick one and then contact the winner soon after that time. I’ll give the winner 24 hours to respond to me, but if if I hear nothing back, I will pick somebody else. So please have your ask boxes open (or even better, have your submissions open because tumblr doesn’t eat those).


If I made a personal blog, would anyone follow it? :3.


I hate asking for money for any reason. I always think I can handle it on my own, but something really awful happened tonight and I’m hoping to reach out to anyone who’s able to help out. 

Many of you guys know I live with my boyfriend Alex and we’re very dedicated to each other. He and I are a team, and together we run my online store, prepare for conventions, and he even helps me with illustration work when I get super overwhelmed. We also own two bikes, Dullahan and Icarus, since we share one car (his name is Toaster), it’s not always possible to function without alternate forms of transportation.

Today we went out for dessert after dinner and parked our bikes outside the restaurant and walked in to order. We weren’t in the restaurant for more than 10 minutes when Alex decided to check on our bikes, as they’re really important to us…. and found that his bike was stolen. Dullahan is a Prodeco Phantom X2 2013 model electric bicycle, not even a year old, customized for performance and equipped with imaging wheel lights, and is going to cost us over $1600 to replace. Dullahan is Alex’s main form of transportation since I use the car daily for work, and losing him has been really devastating. For those of you who’ve ever lived without reliable access to a car — especially in California — you understand how difficult this is.

I’m giving all profits from my store ( to the Save Dullahan fund until we earn enough to replace his bike, and will be adding more items soon to help cover the cost. If you’re able to make a donation, I’ve set up a page here on GoFundMe ( with details and more information. 

I am also going to be offering thank you rewards to people who are able to make a generous donation by giving sketches and chibis to the best of my ability. My schedule recently has just been really intense, I don’t have any free time from now until like April 16th, so I won’t be able to deliver until the end of April probably, but this will be your one and only chance to get artwork from me from now until ummmmmm…. probably forever. Or at least a few years.

If you’re able to spread the word, I’d really appreciate it! 

Thanks so much for reading my giant wall of text.
(And yes, we named him Dullahan after Hataraku Maou-sama!)

Again the link is here:
New items coming soon at:

Use the code: SAVEDULLAHAN for free shipping within the US.
Valid on non-book non-custom items only (sorry!)

This is the coord I’ll be wearing to the renaissance fair tomorrow :3. I can’t wait!

-Sings- I’m tumbling down Tumblr!


sending villagers u hate to the void like



My best friend moved away recently, and I miss them a lot. I really miss them sleeping over at my place and us being total dorks together, but most of all I really miss not streetpassing them, and not needing an internet connection in order to hang out. ;m;



let’s do a quick giveaway to celebrate this
ends on the 15th, 4 winners will get two million bells and throwing beans
one like one reblog

A 2 Z

23 c: I’ll be 24 on March 26th.
B:Where I’m from.
C:Where I would like to live.
D:Favourite food.
Um, lets see… Panini’s and tamato soup.
Pagan, and theistic Luciferin.
F:Sexual orientation.
Pansexual c:
Taken by my most loving husband.
H:Favourite book.
The harry Potter series. So many feels.
I:Eye colour.
Central heterochromia, of gold to blue.
J:Favourite movie.
I’m not too sure about this one. I really like Interview with a vampire though c:
K:Favourite TV show.
X men Evolution.
L:Favourite band/singer.
Mika. Oh my god I love Mika.
M:Random fact about me.
I love to read and study c:
N:Favorite day of the year
Saturday at ANY con.
O:Favourite colour.
Purple :D
P:If I have any pets; if so, their names.
Stardust is my Chi-baby u3u.
Q:What I’m listening to right now.
Youtube, that my husband has on.
R:Last movie I’ve watched.
S:What’s my ringtone.
AC:Popgrowing opening
T:Favourite male character from a TV show.
I don’t really watch TV. D:
U:Favourite female character from a TV show.
See above.
V:What my name means.
My real name? “From Britan.”
W:Favourite superhero.
Superhero? He may not be a ‘hero’, but the assassin, from REPO
X:Celebrity crush.
I don’t have one XD;
Y:My birthday.
March 26th c:
Z:Ever self-harmed?
Thankfully no c:

are you done making youtube videos? they were sooo funny!

I might make some again c: I just haven’t had any ideas, and poor Halo needs some work, so I may not be doing stuff in her. I can make a con video if you like! i’l be going to Connichiwa here soon~


animal crossing in the next game should add on an expansion or 2nd level to the cafe and it’s a bakery shop that sells candy and cute stuff and sells food themed furniture like marshmallow chair and the watermelon table it’d be cute